Connor AddisConnor Addis is a deserted traveler who relishes exploring the world on his own. He visits places and blends quickly with the people and surrounding areas. This time he is in Toronto, Canada and traversing the place on his own. When exploring the area he is having his third eye view which is a camera and takes some absolute fabulous snaps. The pictures that he takes are posted from time to time on his Connor Addis Facebook account. The account is open so that anyone can have a view of his interesting traveling adventure.

The life of a traveler is not easy but Connor Addis makes it look much simple. Well when he arrived in Toronto, Canada the climate was a bit harsh on him. The Climate at Toronto is not favorable even for the locals and it gave him a warm welcome. It was the hospitality of the place that he was able to find a good place to eat and sleeps to regain his strength.  He is always having a positive side that keeps him cheered up. A calm mind that he is having and the hunger to know more about the place he is visiting makes him search for more.

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As being in Toronto he visited the Waterfront that is having a great view from every angle. The pictures of Allan Gardens leave an impression of the beauty that Toronto is holding. He is already enjoying his time in the place where the climate is already like a Pandora Box. But as the word goes, “After every harsh climate there is always something beautiful from the mother nature”. All the pictures that are taken by Connor are available at his website of Connor Addis. It’s great to see that he is having a good view and sharing it with everyone.

The power of blending with others in a new place shows how well his communicating skills are. It helps to make new friends and also to understand better about the area. On a picture, he showed that he is having a barbeque with some of his new friends. The picture itself is mouth watering and also deflects that he is living his moment. Soon some more of his experiences will be updated on his website and facebook page. He is truly one remarkable person that explores the area of different places and brings them closer to us.