Tucked in Spain, this beauty is the second smallest island in the Canary Island chain. But don’t let its size fool you. Despite being small, the island offers tons of activities full of adventure and new discovery you’ve never seen or heard of before. If you’re planning to go here, we at WAVEjourney.com took the initiative to compile the top five must do things on this island of paradise.

  1. Hike at Garajonay

Proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the area consists of 70% laurel forest. Walking through the place will make you feel like you’re in some movie where fairies, elves, and other magical creatures reside. The park is very accessible thanks to its multiple entry points. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can wander around the area on your own or you can take a tour with the locals.

  1. Check out Torre del Conde

Surrounded by a beautiful park, the Torre del Conde is one of the island’s oldest architecture. Visiting this place will not only let you enjoy the magnificence of it but it will also help you learn a lot when it comes to the island’s history. The fort was built around 1445 to 1450 to serve as a tower used to repel outside attacks. This same building was where the wife of Hernán Peraza, Beatriz de Bobadilla barricaded herself from the uprising of gomeros until help arrived. What makes this tourist spot great is that it’s free for viewing. Hooray for free stuff!

  1. Chill by Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey is famous for being in the top spot of where to watch the sunset by the beach. It’s a great place to grab a beer or two, drink with a friend and watch the nightly fire dancing with some pipe and drum music. If you’re up for some Canarian food trip, Valle Gran Rey restaurants have it.

  1. See Angulo

Located beside a cliff, the town of Angulo is an excellent viewpoint of the Atlantic Ocean and the top of Mount Teide from the neighboring island Tenerife. Angulo is one of the oldest villages ever built on the island and even considered as the prettiest. It’s cobbled winding streets, and traditional Canarian architecture makes it a beautiful place to go for a relaxing walk. Pass through a country road which runs through Hermigua Valley to access this location. Don’t miss the church of San Marcos when you visit this place.

  1. Take a Boat Tour to the Los Organos Natural Monument

You can’t go to La Gomera and not see the Los Organos Natural Monument. It is a stunning beauty created by Mother Nature which should definitely be on your bucket list. Nearly 700 meters high, it is a cliff composed of ancient volcanic rocks that look like a church pipe organ. Located at the north side of the island, the only way to view this wonder is from the sea. You can either join a boat excursion or hire a charter boat. Whichever you prefer.