Bangkok or Krung Thep, as it is addressed in the Thai language may seem to have not much to offer for sightseeing like big names such as London, Paris, New York and Buenos Aires. Yet, Bangkok has its own distinct charm that one can only take in by savoring the melting pot Bangkok is. From exotic food to beautiful Buddhist temples, one can imbibe Bangkok into their being before escaping to the emerald green jungles and beautiful beaches of Thailand.

Three days are sufficient to see Bangkok, to seek out intriguing sights and seek out the city’s hidden secrets, Bangkok is unmistakably a place to be basked in rather than seen. There are treasures tucked in every nook and cranny of Bangkok that speak of the city’s iconic status.

One of the most prominent landmarks of Bangkok is the Grand Palace. And there is no better site in the South East Asian city to start one’s itinerary with. The Grand Palace doesn’t house the royal family, only official state functions are held there. Although visitors aren’t allowed to venture into the buildings, meandering across the temple grounds and the open temples is a fulfilling activity as the places are well crafted and well kept. Next, visit Wat Pho and see the famed reclining Buddha and the Golden Buddha.

Bangkok is a city of temples, that too of amazing architecture and craftsmanship. The best and also the most efficient and easy on one’s wallet way to see the temples dotting Bangkok is by hiring a tuk-tuk driver. The marvels of prolific architecture of the temples of Bangkok will leave one awed.

A tour to Bangkok isn’t complete without visiting the Floating Market. The atmosphere at the floating market is chaos contained in serenity. Dining on boat is an experience that will be treasured for life – ladies making traditional treats and peddling them afloat. Going hungry is never an option here.

Apart from those, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, National Museum, malls and Chinatown are worthy of visiting in the 3 days of being in Bangkok.

The soul of a country lies in its food. Bangkok is not an exception – food variety is so varied one would need to take a food tour to appreciate the tastes of Bangkok.

In an encapsulation, there is much to do at Bangkok in three days.